Wednesday, July 27, 2016

One piece, toe-up basics. 
See the Sneaker Classic low-top version HERE
Choose your favorite colors for these sporty home-shoes! 
I have attached metal eyelets for the lacing. 
Optional, but gives a real professional look! 
Even pulling the laces hard, will not distort the slipper-sides.

Playing with fabric-covered insoles and handmade labels!
Great gift-idea!
Fresh off the hook.

No out-soles yet! See pics below!

As I always do with all my basic-slippers, tailored insoles
with personalized labels are inserted, and customized
cord-soles attached to the bottoms as a final finish. 

Ready for street-wear!

Looks real good with CORD/SOLES attached!

Tied with crocheted laces.

Ready for street-wear!

The most comfy crochet shoes ever!
I have made an E.Book with the basic-slippers included the Cord/Soles.

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