Tuesday, February 19, 2013


These slippers was born while swatching. I've been obsessed trying to find a way to crochet nice knit-stitches, and this is the result! It do look knitted, don't it? 
The best way to make a nice and flexible crocheted knit-surface, is the slip stitch method. The problem is; it's worked sideways; the sts does not come out vertical, but horizontal, so you need to turn your work to achieve the vertical knit-look. Challenging for most designs!
This is the Split Single Crochet Stitch. Also challenging, becourse it's a bit hard to insert the hook into the middle of the stitch. It's all technique and practice. I'v made a tutorial for the stitch in this slipper-pattern. But I need to say; it works only on the round! Working flat the pattern changes, still nice, but not with the distinct knit-sts as on the round. Well, you can't have it all!

This is the basic clog-slippers without in- and out-soles.
Pattern here!

The slippers with tailored crochet-soles applied, and personalized insoles.
This requires the special patter-tutorial you'll find here:

Detail insoles with personal message from Sophie and Me;
Good Morning. Have a nice Day!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Reinventing the Sock: Free-Sole!

Today's article in Knitting Daiyly, by editor Kathleen Cubley

The knitters have discovered it too!
Add an extra, reknit-able sole to your knitted socks!
knit free sole socks DVD
It's kind of incredible that no-one never thought of it before!
The clue is ofcourse to get your socks to last a life-time!
See the story here

And if you wonder if it's possible to do the same with crochet socks,
slippers and shoes;
It's already invented by me!
Here you are; The one and only adaptable, adjustable, changeable
Not only; in my pattern, there is also tutorial for how to
turn your crochet slippers into street-shoes! 

Monday, February 11, 2013

"LA SIGNORA" my Dress Form

I call her "La Signora". She has been my best studio mate since 1973! Actually it's a clone of myself! At the first year of Art and Design school, we all had to create our own dress form, assisted by student colleges.The problem was to find a stand for the form. After 2 years I could not believe my luck! On a Flea Market I found the PERFECT stand, handmade, and very special, as it has a kind of "skeletal" for inside support.
I'm sure the most of my ex-companions don't even know where "she/he" is, but my "Signora" has followed me all these years, and helped me with hundreds of projects! 
Now she lives in Rome! 



See this site, this is more or less how I did it!
Clone Yourself A Fitting Assistant

 I have to show you this British artist and the fantastic dress forms she's selling on Etsy!
Look at this:

Corset Laced Mannequin Velvet Fluorescent Dressform Bust - Neon Shocking Pink
The most incredible dressforms!Visit their Etsy-shop:

Free Download Tutorial for How To make Sophie's Summer Under-Dress!

I made this dress for wearing under Sophie’s openwork crochet dresses, skirts and tops. 
With her white “skin” the images often looked better with something under the garments.
It’s cute and easy to wear, also as a light summer dress, so if you like this super-simple dress, I have made a tutorial for you to copy! It works with any kind of dress shape!
Download the Tutorial here:

It IS coming a summer....soon! Crochet halter dress for Sophie and friends

Winter White Buttoned Ear Warmer/Neck Warmer

To style my white winter-coat, I made a chunky head warmer, 
and fingerless mittens. The headband-pattern
is finished and published now! The mittens.......hm,
there are so many projects going on in my head
and on the hook now, but I'll try to finish them
before the garden is flowering!
You'll find the pattern for instant download here in my Ravelry store: