The slippers are as usual attached to my Cord-Soles, ready for street-wear!
Pattern for the basic-slippers HERE
The Cord-Sole pattern is HERE
The 2in1-pattern-pack for basics + Cord-Sole HERE

Like my Shopping Bag?
Pattern HERE

The basic Pearl-slippers.
Fresh off the hook, no soles.....yet!
Handmade and tailored fabric-covered insoles
with labels attached.
Same fabric as for bag-lining!

And... Cord-Soles!
Ready for street-wear!

Me and my new crochet shoes and shopping bag,
ready for the market!

Very comfy!
My new crochet shopping bag!
One large pocket on one side. Great for the I-Pad!
And two smaller pockets on the other side,
closed with fabric-covered buttons!
The handles are a white cord attached to D-rings,
protected with crochet-stitches on top. 

The large bag have a lot of inner-pockets.
Can't do without them!
Neither the zip closing the bag.


Anonymous said…
Wonderful ! They're so pretty.
Anonymous said…
Wonderful! Love it !
ingunn santini said…
Thanks girls!!
Marianne said…
I found these on Pinterest...your crochet shoes are beautiful!! You are a wonderfully talented woman. I love to crochet, but wonder if these are slightly out of my league. I'll have to try them one day.

Blessings for your continued creativity,
Unknown said…
Bom dia!
Achei muito lindo o sapatinho, sou Brasileira e gostaria muito de aprender fazer este sapatinho, seria possível vc me passar como faz
parabéns pelo seu trabalho são lindos!
Maria Ciça
Rita Melo said…
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ingunn santini said…
Hi girls! Sorry that I've not picked up your comments until now!! This is surly two good patterns! The shoes and the bag together, a perfect match! You can find the shoes as slippers only, or as a pattern-pack with sole-tutorial included, HERE:

The matching bag is HERE:

Have a wonderful and creative day!!
ingunn santini said…
AND... I'm sorry, but all my patterns are written in English only!
Except for Norwegian and Italian, my knowledge of other languages in this world are poor!
t j said…
thankful to have found you... love the bag with pockets & slippers patterns... will be purchasing your patterns after 1st of year!! am thankful for US terms (brain won't have to work so hard ☺ )
~Tess (Missouri, US)