Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Firenze/Florence Granny-Lace Crochet white Dress

Firenze Granny-Lace Dress

A lovely summer dress! 

White granny-squares, so classy and summer fresh! The “First Flower of the Year Square” is designed exclusively for this dress.Looking at the dress, granny squares are not the first I think of, more a lace-fabric! The Italian town Firenze (Florence) was famous for its lace fabrics for centuries, that's why I have included this town in the pattern title!

Dress it up or down; Cover-up on the beach,
 party-dress, or even a wedding dress!
Large squares, simple joining method. 
You need 8 squares, and 4 half-squares for the bodice,
and 7 squares for the hemline of the dress.

Work the squares into a top, a tunic, or a dress
in any length. 
Easy mesh below the bodice.

Close-up of squares and mesh-pattern.

Large squares, simple joining method. 

Half finished mesh, a great tunic!

Straight squares in hemline.

Optional chest-piece.
Can be used also on back-piece, and/or in sides.

Simple twisted spaghetti straps.

Lungomare Crop Top

Top for hot and lazy summer days!

Lungomare means ‘‘Along the beach’’!
Imagine yourself strolling along the beach with this cute crop cover-up top!

Skip or add lace-rounds to achieve everything from bikini-top to a long tank top.
The cups are easy to work, and have a good fit for most women. 3 cup-sizes.
The cups are worked with linked dcs (Ldc) to avoid gaps between the stitches.
No lingerie or lining is required, as the linked double crochet creates a dense fabric that is not see-through.
The shell-pattern is worked in the round to the bra-edge,top/down.


Lungomare as bralette.

Can be worked with open side, or in the round.

Lungomare as bralette made by a customer.
Love this black version! B Cups.

Back-side with straps.
Can be tied in neck as well.

The cups are easy to work, and have a good fit for most women.
Pattern has 3 Cup-sizes.

Lungomare as waist-long version.

Very pretty with the simple shell pattern!
Note the cups, simple but very well fitted.
Lungomare made as a tank-top, hip length.
Love this long version!
Note the well fitted C-cups!


Summer dreams!

Can you hear the sound of lazy waves, meeting the  sand on the beach?
I love these colors!
As I always do with all my slippers, handmade insoles are inserted, and out-soles are attached to the bottom as a final finish. 

Ready for street-wear! Protect your slippers, join soles to the bottom.

Fresh off the hook.

Handmade customized fabric-covered insoles inserted!

Out-Soles joined to the bottom!
In this case I have joined the Door-Mat Soles.

Ready for street wear!
The most comfy shoes ever!

Close-up of the Door-Mar soles attached to the bottom.