Wednesday, May 21, 2014


According to myself, it's been too long since last pattern-release! But I had a 10-days trip to my homeland, Norway, and I HAVE been working with a new pattern! Which will bee published on Friday!

Spring comes with painting outside...every year! At the seaside all surfaces
get heavily shabby !
And then there is the garden!
Not complaining!
And then there was my yearly trip to Norway...
which is crazy beautiful in May!

Well folks.... this is where I grew up.....!
Not a bad place at all! Especially looking at it with older eyes!

Away is good, but the very best is HOME!
Finally ending up in my uncomfortable crochet-chair in my garden in Italy! AHH!!

Today I think we finally can say it's summer!
After a long and unstable spring, the weather is finally warm!
We had our first out-lunch today!
At the neighborhood lunch-bar. Lovely!