Friday, May 13, 2016

CROCHET OUT-SOLES for slippers and socks -


This is the method I use for out-soles on all my home-shoes. Perfect for one-piece slippers.
I think it’s important to have left/right foot-shape on my soles, an oval is not good enough! 

These soles are easy to make for anyone that can decrease and increase single crochet.
In order to make the soles as strong, sturdy and solid as possible, I have made them in hemp-twine. A very strong material, see material-list for other suggestions.
• The soles protect your slippers, socks, or booties, make them warmer, sturdier, and extend their life-time.
• And it looks nice, giving a professional touch to your creations!
• Soles made of hemp or jute, can be worn on the street!
• You can also continue with stitches on top of the soles, to create your own design on the round.
Crochet-slippers turned into shoes for street-wear!
Crochet-Soles joined to the bottom of the slippers!
White Lace crochet shoes, with handmade insoles, labels, and crochet-soles.
Ready for street-wear!

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