Saturday, December 5, 2015


Plain, Basic SC-Slippers (Single Crochet stitches only) One piece, toe-up. 

Chunky yarn works up these simple slippers in notime! 
Warm, comfy, and easy! 
The slippers were supposed to be base for appliques and embellish I planned for other designs. 
They came out so simple, neat and well-fitted, so I decided to work out instructions for them. 
Make them in wool or cotton, wear them as they are, or use your creativity; Add colored stripes, appliques, embroidery, pearls, and so on, no limit! 
The basics have no edging around the instep, so here’s room for endless finishing-stitches.
Absolute basics!
BUT... with good toe- and foot-shape,
That's important,also for simple slippers!
I think!!

No edging, can be worn as is, fresh off the hook.
Short sides with space for any edging-stitches though!

Tailored, fabric covered insoles.
With pretty labels, great gift idea!
Tailored crocheted out-soles attached to the bottom!
See more info and pics HERE

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