Sunday, September 6, 2015


Classic shape for this always fashionable hat-style! Or make it simple, with rounded top! 
Adjust brim-size to Fedora- or Stetson-width! See pics! 

This design is a result of my passion for raffia, also called bast; Soft fibers collected from the inner bark of certain plants and trees. 
Modern raffia is industrial-made with cellulose/wood pulp. It’s light and strong, perfect for foot-wear, not as soft, pliable and stretchy as normal yarn, and amazingly comfortable.
I've already designed a pair of sandals in this material, see previous post, or link HERE.

The Fedora in straw, or in Raffia, as I have used,
was until resent mostly worn by "adults".
Nowadays the youngsters have adopted the style as new and cool!  

Yeah..... coool!!

Add rounds to the brim, and create a Stetson-, or Borsalino-style!

And the sunhat! Perfect on the beach!

Good for any occasion!

Attached to the head of some of the people I love!!

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