Sunday, September 6, 2015


Long time no see! I've been abandoning my blog since months! The summer in Italy has been long and HOT, It's September, and still summer (widely smiling!), but not as hot now.
Still, I've been productive, and in the following posts above, I will add the new designs made this summer!
Starting with the Golden and White striped slippers!

I had this idea to combine metallic-yarn and cotton, to create this special shiny surface for the final shoes.
As you of course know, I'm always attaching my handmade CORD-SOLES to my one-piece slippers.
Why? To turn them into Espadrilles for street-wear!
Article of how this idea left my brain is HERE
This is the basic slipper, fresh off the hook!
I have used Double-stranded Twilleys Goldfingering Metallic # 5
It was kind of strange to work with, but not difficult.
The white cotton is a Light/3.

Tassels attached, for embellish only.
Unfortunately it's very difficult to get good photos of golden yarn!
The slippers are very shiny and pretty in real life!

Fabric-covered insoles inserted. With labels!
Great gift-idea by the way!
I think the patterned fabric was perfect for the shoes.
How to, is included in the Cord-Sole Tutorial.

On this photo the Cord-Soles are attached!
SO comfy!

I'm very happy with the final result!

Close-up. Check my neat Cord Soles!
Attached with a golden seam!
I will design more shoes with metallic yarn, it was great fun.

Kind of exclusive look to these Espadrilles!
Love them!

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