Sunday, September 6, 2015


The BLACK AND WHITE GRAPHIC ESPADRILLES was the second pair of shoes I made this year!
And as I always do, my handmade CORD-SOLES are attached to my one-piece slippers.
Why? To turn them into Espadrilles for street-wear of course!
Article of how this idea left my brain is HERE

The basic slipper fresh off the hook!
I like the black and white lines and stripes this pattern creates.
Kind of Op-Art, modern look!

Very comfy!
With the traditional shape of Espadrilles that I like so much!

Fabric-covered insoles inserted. With labels!
Great gift-idea by the way!
I think the lace fabric was perfect for the shoes, 
creating a contrast to the strict black and white slippers.

On this photo the Cord-Soles are attached!

Close-up. Toes included!

SO comfy!
Here the Cord-Soles are better visible.

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