Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I have developed a "lazy" method for crochet soles, which suits me just fine!
It started with the fact that I never seem to get crochet-soles on the round, into the right size.
The forth-and back-method is very flexible, as you don't have to think about gauge, hook, and number of stitches. I have made a tutorial for the method, with written instructions, as well as lots of step-by-step-pics.
Included in the pattern is also How to attach Crochet Soles to Slippers, How to turn home-shoes into Street-shoes and How to make handmade Insoles!
Find the tutorial HERE!

These soles are made of 3-double scrap-yarn. 
They will be attached to the slippers that I'm currently working on. 
Pattern-release in two days!
Next post; The new slippers with crochet soles!
Read the article I wrote about my two SOLE-SOLUTIONS
There is also the Cord-Sole, which I recommend for street-wear!

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