Tuesday, November 6, 2012


And while I'm at it (see prev post) I'll show you what a pair of crochet soles can do to any sock or slipper! We all know that, sadly enough, all socks or slippers, knitted or crocheted, do not have a long wearing time before they're worn out. And the critical spot is the heels! If all these beautiful socks I was talking about, really are for WEARING, it's really too bad! All that work! I don't say that every sock would look pretty with a sole, but at least slippers!

Put crochet soles on your slippers and socks, for protection and to extend their life-time! And it looks great! And you know what; with a special treatment you can wear you creations on the STREET! I could walk the streets of Rome with these!  I think.
Go here to see Tutorial for HOW TO!

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