Friday, November 30, 2012


This is the coolest way to make cords - ever!
Where was this technique when I needed it?!

The best thing is - the cord comes out squared.
This is perfect for my rope-soles. 
I found this ancient manner of making strings, ropes, cords, on Pinrest!
The Lucet, also called Knitting-Fork or Chain-Fork, is an old technique,
maybe as far back as to the Vikings! Produce a strong, non-stretching braid.
All kind of materials can be used, thin and thick!

It's really strange that in my long crafty life, I've never come upon this technique.
The only gear you need, is a kind of  "fork", and the cord is made by lifting one loop over the other,
while turning the "fork" CW. See a public Tutorial here on YouTube.
I grabbed my pin-magnet, the only thing in my studio that looked like a Lucet,
and started right away for a test.
The cord on the image above, I made in 10 minutes!
Very easy to learn, and fun! Works up fast, and is steady,
with lot of "stitch-loops" to insert the hook in!
For assembling slippers to soles, that is!

So my next rope-soles are made with a Lucet! 

These people make handmade Lucets in all shapes and sizes.

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