Thursday, June 21, 2012


New project on the hook!
When I'm between patterns, nothing much is happening on my blog. Meaning also that I'm working with some kind of project! At the moment Sophie and me are making our selves comfy in the garden, with anything we need to work. A new summer dress is on the hook, and super-simple one-piece indoor-shoes. 
That's the blessing with crocheting; you can work anywhere! And outside in the summer is the best!
As you can see, I've got myself a brand new laptop. I was so tiered of being tucked away in my indoor studio on lovely summer days, working with patterns. So a laptop would do it. I've never had a laptop before. One thing I didn't take in consideration, was that it's talking to me in Italian (Italian programmed), which I can handle. But I was SOOO disappointed of the shiny, mirror-like screen! It's not possible to see a thing as long as it's day light. I've tried any possible cover-up and cover-over; what I see is myself and the surroundings behind me! Grrrrrrrr!! It's really frustrating! The brains inventing this fabulous indoor-and-night-working-screen must be men! Anyone have a solution??
For the rest everything is fine!
Sophie and Me!

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