Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Baby crochet slippers, socks and booties, are great fun, and not least; Fast to work! But I can tell you: It takes equal time to work out a pattern for babies, as for adults! In particular because I have 4 different sizes, not only; "Change hook- and/or yarn to achieve smaller or larger sizes".
The sizes: Small/0-6 months - Medium/6-12 months - Large/12-18 months - Extra Large/18-24 months

The basic-slipper fresh off the hook.
This is the L-size, 12-18 months.
The stitches are extended sc, fast worked,
and creates a textured surface of interest.
Edging; Reversed single crochet, also called Crab-Stitch.
The slippers are worked with a method that separates
the top- and bottom-section, giving an illusion of a sole, and "loafer"-top!
See pics below. Pattern for the Basics HERE!

The smallest baby-size:
0-6 months
SO cute!!
Here the side- and sole-sts
are visible.
As I always do with all my slippers, also the baby-slippers have attached
crochet-soles. In an instant slippers turns into shoes!
It looks neat and pretty, and creates a sturdy and warm slipper.
I have made a 2in1-pattern-pack for the both:
Link to the pack HERE

Here the attached crochet soles are visible.
The strings with cute yarn-balls at the ends,
make a safe fitting to the baby's foot.
Note the pretty insoles with labels!
A great gift-idea. Tutorial included in the 2-pack, link above.

I called this pattern Sunday Baby Loafers, as the white and black
 shoes was the first pair I made for this pattern.
And they reminded me about my Sunday-shoes I had as a little girl,
a VERY long time ago! I was so proud of them, but only on Sundays!
SO pretty in black and white!
A little contrast-seam on the soles makes them even cuter!

Friday, January 10, 2014


Fascinated by stripes and dots!
Finally figured out the best way to crochet dots!
The basic-slippers, no in- or out-soles yet!
I had made up my mind about the cord- and ball-finish.
But the slippers looked so pretty also without, so I made this variation too!
Included both solutions in the crochet-pattern.
Which you by the way can find HERE!

My special tailored Crochet Soles attached.
Link for 2in1-pack HERE on Etsy
See more pics here on Ravelry
Crochet Soles attached also to the Denim/White and Red-slippers.
Link for 2in1-pack HERE on Etsy
See more pics here on Ravelry

Lovely wearing these slippers!
Made in Light wool, not too warm, like socks to wear.
Socks with soles!

Look at the pretty insoles!
Tutorial for handmade, tailored insoles included in
my Crochet Sole-Tutorial,
which you can find in the 2in1-pack HERE,
or just the Crochet-Sole Tutorial HERE

The visible sole

These have another fabric on the insoles.
Note the cute labels! A very good gift-idea!
All in the Crochet-Sole-Tutorial HERE

These slippers came out real nice! I like them!


Tammy is a beginner in the crochet world,  
I'm so impressed by the coat she has made!

Tammy's Coat

My Coat
Would you like to make one too?
Pattern-Link HERE: