Tuesday, August 27, 2013


This is my last project with cotton-yarn for this season. I think.
Wool is on the hook for some months ahead!
But I really needed this bag! 
I had problems wearing my Scrap-Shoes with all the colors,
all my bags looked strange!
But NOW....

Handles in same cord as for the shoe-soles.

Perfect size and shape.

Which color is missing!?

The annoying thing with yarn-bags, is that they get so 
dirty and worn out on the bottom. 
I already love this bag, and it would be 
really sad if it gets ruined after short time. 
So I have applied cord-twine to the bottom and edge! 
It looks great, and matches perfectly the Happy Scrap shoes!
The treatment will protect the bag also to humidity.
Tutorial for this optional solution, in the pattern.

Lining. Well.
My bag is a clone of a simple and cheap shopping-bag
I liked the size and shape of.
In the end this shopping-bag ended up as lining/interface for the crochet-bag!
The material was very light plastic-covered white, synthetic burlap.
And best; It had a sturdy material in the bottom, a zip,
and lining with 3 pockets inside!
I couldn't resist! I think it was very smart!
I added a string with crochet-balls to the zip,
same as on the shoe-strings.

Sunday, August 18, 2013


Fortunately I don't need these sock for some time!
It's still full summer here in Italy!
I made them now, as i'll need long-socks for my 
upcoming winter slipper- and boot-patterns.
I wanted a classic look for these socks, so I ended up with
a simple R/L-post dropped st on 5 dcs.
Look like Aran cables, or braids.
Pattern HERE

The feet are made in the most simple manner; dcs only!
To call it socks, you need feet, even as the leg-part
is the the fun of working socks!

Increasing for calf-width, the pattern develops in a pretty manner!

These pics was taken in middle of August in + 35 C, so I had big
trouble taking the socks off after the photo-session!
My legs were all soaked wet!


Erika was the winner of my first, and by the time being, 
only, stitch-contest! She knew the name of the vertical 
stitches on the toe and side of the slippers; Linked trebles.
The prize was the Happy Scrap Slipper-Pattern.
Erika did actually work her prize-pattern!

She worked her shoes in grey and white, so different from my
color-bombed! I really like them, I can see she's a clever crocheter!
Thank you for sending me your pics Erika!
Link for the pattern HERE!