WELCOME 2017!!
I hope you all had some relaxing days in end of last year!

Here is my first crochet pattern published in the new year:

I'm so exited about these slippers, as they are the first pattern I've released with this "new" method for crocheted colored patterns.
I've experimented with this method for a long time, and, as I unfortunately often do, underestimated my customers' talent, skills and desire, to test and try new methods.
In only a few days I'm proved to be wrong!
People love these slipper, as I also do! Yeaaah!
These slippers are designed for the pure joy of being able to knit colored patterns with my hook!
Skill level: Intermediate. 
Not difficult, just different! 
Crucial skill: You need to understand colored pattern-charts, like in knitting, or cross-stitch embroidery.
The heart-pattern with the traditional “lice”-stitches, is an overcoming challenge as a first approach to this super-fun technique!
Not Tapestry, not “normal” crochet.
I’ve tried to demystify working with colors, without too much fuss! This is however a no-stress, no-hurry project! 
Slow-down, relax, enjoy every stitch!

The simple heart-pattern in two colors can be made in endless combinations.
Also the toe-cap is a possibility for a third shade.

The pattern is created with the crocheted Knit-stitch; Ssc (Split single crochet). Also called the Waistcoat Stitch. (The links will take you to some great tutorial-videos!)
The stitch is a regular Sc, with hook inserted into the middle of the stitch (split). Require a minimum of practice.
Same technique as I have used for the Crochet/Knit Clog-Slippers, and the Crochet/Knit Casual Slippers.
Three color-combinations for this pretty heart-pattern.

Traditionally done with the Tapestry-method, working the carried strands into the sc sts on back side of work.
With Ssc, you can knit with your hook! Any stitch diagram for knitting, can be worked with this method.

The result looks more like knitting than worked with tapestry, but denser, as the Ssc include more of the sc-stitch. 
As you can see on photo above, I have worked this toe-cap with regular scs! So great to combine crochet stitches!

Unlike the tapestry-method, the colored, carried strands are floating on BS of work, as in knitting!

I keep both strands on one finger, pick up the color you need as you work, if you find that easier. Check the crisp color-transitions!

The challenge is to carry two colored strands working the pattern, and to achieve a consistent tension for each color. 
It’s also a challenge to keep the strands untwisted! Lift work up holding one strand in each hand, leave hook in st. Let the work swirl until strands are untwisted. Repeat for every 2’nd round or so.


PRACTICE is the magic word, as for any skill we want to master.
In this version the toe-cap is worked 
with Sscs.
It is however crucial that you are able to follow the colored pattern-chart for your size. There is a full stitch-diagram for each size in this pattern!
If you’ve ever done cross-stitch embroidery, or knitted stranded patterns, you will easily understand the pattern chart!

Take it easy, and enjoy!

The Snow Heart Slippers!

Crochet, NOT knitted!