Summer 2012 I became obsessed by crochet shoes! 

With all the beautiful crochet slippers people are creating, I avoided this product for a long time. But with the everlasting summer we have here in Italy, I wanted to be able to wear crochet shoes on the street, as Espadrilles, these lovely canvas shoes with rope-soles. 

After weeks exposing my brain to extreme exertions, I finally came up with a cord-sole, doable for anyone, and for any size. And it did not involve seaming, or hole-punching, which I absolutely ruled out! 
I couldn't believe that nobody in this world had ever thought of making soles using this method before, but it looks like I’m the only one!

Like me, a lot of people are interested in how to make soles for crochet- or knit-slippers, so finally I worked out two different tutorials for sole-solutions, both for attaching as last.

The Crochet Soles
Based on a method involving a template of your foot (or any foot!)
This is not a pattern with precise instruction from start to finish, from row to row, for all imaginable sizes. 
It’s a method for how to work crochet-soles in any size!

The Cord Soles
Best solution for street-wear; 
These soles also involves templates, but are created with a different method and heavier materials, like cord, made of different materials, and with different methods.

About the treatment:
The treatment I use under the soles to protect them, is the same as for the creative process. The treatment protects the soles against dirt, dust, wear and tear. It’s just wonderful to walk on, non-slip, AND turns your crochet-slippers into street-shoes! 
With a good rope-sole, you don’t even need the treatment!

A finished, well done cord-sole, will look 
and feel like soles on canvas-shoes!
About the insoles: 
All my crochet slippers have tailored insoles! They keep the slippers in shape, make a soft and sturdy foundation, and are actually important for the out-soles too.

For the insoles I play with fabric-colors and patterns, to match the style I want to achieve for each design. 
Another story is; I print all my sole-fabrics on my own printer!


How to make handmade, tailored insoles. 
All about sole-treatment.
Suggestions and tutorials for how to make different cords for soles.
How to attach out-soles to slippers. 
4 different templates for sole-sizes; Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large.

The Crochet Soles can be made real thick, but they will still be quite soft, so I mostly use this method for home-shoes.
The Cord-Soles are absolutely the best for street-wear! Strong, heavy and sturdy.
I've tested both sole-types myself for years now, and they really works! Strong and comfortable. 
Two different methods that make it possible to turn crochet-slippers into street-shoes, in any size and shape!

Sophie's winter-boots with crochet
soles and treatment for street-wear!
Crochet sandals.
The pink sandals with soles made 
of  white cord, and the
white sandals with hemp soles.

Attaching out-soles to basic slippers, has several advantages. 
They protect your slippers against wear and tear, makes them sturdy and comfortable to walk and wear, it looks nice, and not least; It turns your home slippers into street shoes! 

Handmade insoles will add extra comfort and softness, and keeps the slippers in shape. Personalize the soles with pretty fabric and labels! 
A very good gift-idea! 

Creating soles is great fun! Perfect project for craft-lovers!
Follow the links above to read more about the two sole-designs, see the pics with the soles attached........and for purchase!
Contact me for any question about handmade, tailored soles! Send mail to: pdfpatterndesign@live.no

Pdf PatternDesign,
Sophie and Me


Anonymous said…
I'm looking for a crocheted slipper pattern that you would use the prepunched holes and crochet right from them, no sewing done. I've been searching and haven't found one yet. Thanks
ingunn santini said…
Hello to you! If I understand you right, you already have pre-punched soles, and need crochet slipper patterns for these soles?
Then you are bound to work on your number of sole-holes. Meaning; You need patterns that are based on crochet-soles, and then you have to adapt the crochet slipper pattern to your sole! Working a basic round of stitches to your soles, this should be possible. Good luck!
Do you have youtube video tutorials to assist with your slipper purchases? I've purchased two of your patterns and am working on them, but like to see videos just to make sure I'm doing them correctly.
ingunn santini said…
Claudina! Sorry I didn't see your comment before now!
I do not have video-tutorials for my patterns, but I welcome any question to my e-mail:

Amanda said…
Those crochet soles are gorgeous! If you need something more hardwearing I have a range of soles on my www.joestoes.co.uk website which I ship worldwide. NOTE to SOPHIE and ME If you'd like to do a giveaway I'd be delighted to send you a pair for you and a supply another pair for the giveaway.
Hiba said…

Do you have a tutorial on how you print your fabrics soles in the printer?

Thank you!
ingunn santini said…
Hi Hiba!
Sorry I'm late with my comment!
To print on fabric, write PRINT ON FABRIC into your browser, and you'll have a lot of tips how to do it! Personally I cut fine cotton-fabric in A4-size, and iron it on butchers wrap-paper! Insert it into the printer, and voila!! Works super.
fzillion said…
Should I wear these wedged booties to school?
womens booties
Unknown said…
Love em! I am such a sucker for itty bitty shoes! I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip here
womens ballet flats
ingunn santini said…
Yes, the Cord/Soles are perfect for Street/Wear!!

Thanks for sharing a Useful information.
handmade shoes
men shoes