Extremely warm socks for freeezzzing feet! 

Worked with crocheted "Garter" stitch, and "Purled" stitches on toe and top.

I'm kind of obsessed by the possibilities the humble slip stitch give!
OK, a crocheter will impatiently see it as SLOW!
Yes, speed as knitting.
But with LARGE hook, and HEAVY yarn, full speed!
And creating a beautiful surface, VERY much like knitting.
Actually, crocheted slip stitches can clone any of the basic knitted.

A couple of informative sites about slip stitch crochet:

Fresh off the hook.
I plan to join crochet-soles to the bottom, as I walk all over with
all my socks and slipper! Also into the garden!

Warmest ever! So soft and stretchy!
People will not believe that this is crochet, not knit! 
I think these socks may be too thick to wear with boots.
With bulky yarn and large hook,
you will finish these socks in short time!
Close-up of the stitches.
On top; The "purled" sts.
On leg: The "Garter" sts.
Tons of people contacted me to ask if  this is really crochet!

I made the socks in two lengths.
These are the knee-high.
I made them in bulky rowing wool.
LOVE them!
So warm and soft!

These are the short socks. Made in contrast colors to better show off
the stitches. Made with double DK yarn.

My lovely siblings!
Work them into any length you like.
One piece, toe/up.
Worked flat. and seamed under foot and back of leg as last.

I find the short socks easier to wear.
Only be course they are shorter!