Plain Ballerina Flats Crochet Pattern.

Classic ballerina flats as slippers for the spring- and summer season!
One piece, toe-up. Simple shape, easy to make. 
Looks good in any color. With- or without lacing. 
Single Crochet stitches only.

With tailored insoles, personal labels, and customized cord-soles,
this is a huge upgrade for a pair of crochet slippers! 

This plain, the slippers are begging for some styling!
An excuse to go wild in your treasure-boxes.
I did, see pics of the black shoes!
Shirt-buttons, beads, and sparkling Swarovski crystals as decor on the toe-cap.

I always insert matching fabric-covered insoles in my one-piece slippers. 
As a final finish, customized Cord-Soles are joined to the bottom. 
Ready for street-wear!