This design is a result of my passion for raffia, also called bast; Soft fibers collected from the inner bark of certain plants and trees. 
Modern raffia is industrial-made with cellulose/wood pulp. It’s light and strong, perfect for foot-wear, not as soft, pliable and stretchy as normal yarn, and amazingly comfortable.

As you know, I'm always attaching my handmade CORD-SOLES to my one-piece slippers.
Why? To turn them into shoes for street-wear!
Article of how this idea left my brain is HERE.
I have made this design in cotton too, just to prove that it can be done! See the pics of the blue slippers.
So you don't have to work them in raffia!
For the blue slippers, I have attached the Crochet Soles.

The original Raffia-Slippers fresh off the hook!
Not difficult to work with at all, but you need some patience,
as Raffia is not stretchy as yarn!

The same crochet-pattern made in cotton!
In case you like to skip the Raffia, it's doable from the same instructions.
I have edged them with raffia though.

Lovely summer slip-ins!

And in Raffia. No out-sole yet!
Raffia is actually very soft and comfy on the feet!
The stitches makes them flexible.

Here fabric-covered insoles are inserted. With labels!
Great gift-idea by the way!
I think the warm colors in the striped fabric are perfect for the raffia-slippers.

This is the cotton-slippers, with the same insoles as above for the Raffia-slippers.

The Raffia Slippers are now turned into sandals for street-wear!
On this photo the Cord-Soles are attached!
Love them!

The cotton-slippers are also turned into street-shoes,
but are attached to Crochet-Soles!

I love the look of these out-soles in crocheted Raffia!
I'm not convinced about how long they will last on the street,
but they are super-comfy as home-slippers!!

Finished cotton-sandals with crocheted Raffia out-soles attached!