When it’s freezing outside and inside, and slippers only, are not warm enough, put chunky socks on and insert your feet into these over-sized, comfy clog-slip-ins! Made special to wear warm socks in, easy to slip on and off! Worked with a simple one-piece, toe/up-method, no seaming.

If you have questions to me about these slippers, send me an e-mail! sophieandme@live.no

All sizes are made with the same instruction and chunky yarn.
Different sizes achieved by changing to smaller/larger hook,
or lighter heavier yarn.
Pattern is for Small, Medium and Large.

The M-size with tailored insoles.

Sizes for kids achieved with Light/3-yarn and smaller hook.
Note tailored Crochet-Soles attached as last!
Info for the soles HERE

Size S and M with tailored insoles inserted.
Insoles are by the way included with tutorial in the Crochet-Sole  pattern,
as well as for the Cord Sole pattern!
Read all about it in the pattern listing!

The pattern is beautiful in red and white!
Matching my Norwegian Sweater! and the
Norwegian tall Socks!

The M-size is added tailored Cord-Soles. These are mine!
They'll last forever with these soles!
More info here!

The L-size is comfy too!
Like my crochet Aran-style knee-socks?
Pattern here!

Same pattern for slippers and socks.
No, I'm not going anywhere in this gear!
Quite fun combo though!

My favorites!
Warm winter-feet guaranteed!


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ingunn santini said…
Thank you so much Roberta!!!