Normally I work any foot-wear, slippers as well as socks, from toe/up.
I wanted however to find out how close I could get to work a pair of crochet-socks in the same manner as the classic knitted ones; Top/down, with heel, gusset and all!
My conclusion is; It’s much easier and faster!
First of all you don’t have to fight with 5 needles! And the heel with gusset is also very neat and easy. PATTERN HERE
The ribbed crochet-stitch is the same as used for the Ribbed Pullover for Kids. See previous post

I'm really happy with these socks!
The cuff-ribbing that continue to the toe, creates a good fit and shape.

I've never worked a gusset into slippers or socks before,
but it's really quite painless!
Make a pair for HIM too!
Sise L is good for men-sizes!
And size S can be adjusted for kids!

The top shell-edging is optional, but a cute detail.