This crochet sweater is the adult version of the Fair Isle Cardigan for KIDS, inspired by the traditional, Norwegian stranded knitting-patterns. 
Being Norwegian, I’ve learned to appreciate them as part of my cultural inheritance. 
These sweaters were knitted in the wool’s natural shades. Fancy color combinations, like my red and white, have been used only the last 5 decennial or so. 

Yes I've made a matching hat for the cardigan!
Working on the pattern!
Not very traditional color-combination.
Any colors are great, but gray-shades and white,
or black/white was the the normal colors for these sweaters!
Then blue-shades/white became popular, now
I've seen them in  every combo you can think of!
The body is created as the traditional sweaters;
Straight like a tube, no shaping. 

Originally the sweaters are worked on the round,
and steeked for open front.
This one is worked forth and back, no steeking!
Note: Real pewter buttons!

Once you’ve got the hang of the pattern, the sweater 
works up real fast; In no-time, compared to a knitted 
sweater with stranded pattern!
Note that the pattern on the sweater is not stranded,
like for knitting (Worked with 2 strands on the same row)!

It’s a simple 2-row pattern-repeat. In addition to some sc-stripes.

I love this sweater! It IS possible to CROCHET a traditional sweater!