These slippers are actually the very first I attached soles to! The White Lace Toms, see last pic below. They have somehow been my bestsellers, all times!
So...... a couple of weeks ago I took time to read the pattern through, from first to last page. I was left with a rather embarrassed feeling; There where several quite vague instructions!
So if you ever purchased this pattern, pleeeease forgive me if I caused you headache or worse!
If you have purchased this pattern, and have not automatically received the updated new one by now, please contact me on, and I'll send it to you !
Name and e-mail please!

The new pattern has 3 sizes; Small, Medium and Large. I worked up all
three sizes,  (Just in case!), and these are my size, M.
Fresh off the hook with hemp-twine as lace, with painted
wooden balls at the ends.
The twine is the same I used to make cord for the soles, see pics below.
No insoles or out-soles................... yet!
Plain basic slippers, pattern HERE

Handmade, tailored insoles, covered with matching fabric.

And finally; The new tailored cord-soles attached! Ready for street-wear!
Summer, here I come!
I'm so happy with this strange coral-red/orange shade!
Perfect for hot summer days.
I have made a pattern-pack for the slippers, including the
Cord-Sole-Tutorial, HERE

Close-up; Soles, and lace-balls on the heel.

With cord-soles attached, a pair of crochet-slippers change completely, right?
Transfers into..............:
............a pair of Espadrilles! For street-wear!

And this is my blessed White Lace Toms! Made two years ago, still going strong!
Not as white as on the pic anymore, but so soft and lovely to wear!
They have my tailored Crochet Soles attached, with treatment for street-wear.


Unknown said…
Hi Claudia,

Love the coral lace crochet slippers and lace Toms They are just gorges.
I was just wondering,where did you get the soles?
thank you Anja
ingunn santini said…
The soles are also handmade by me!
Find the tutorial here: