Have you seen those lovely, over sized shawl-cardigans, looking like a warm embrace of a snuggling blanket?! I wanted one, needed one! 
But I had serious problems figuring out how to do it! Both technically and practically.
In the end, it's simple enough, like everything figured out! Even as it was THIS close to be unraveled, several times! Until it's finished, it looks quite strange! 
The best with this cardigan is the extra long sleeves with the hand-warming cuffs! Like integrated fingerless gloves! can be worn up...or down; It's turnable!
I'm so happy with it! I put it on in the morning, and barely want to take it off for bedtime!
Last crochet pattern published, for this year anyhow!
Pattern HERE
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The body is worked with Herringbone dcs, and the cuffs and edgings
have Pebble-stitches. A nice contrast to the plain crochet surface.

Wear it as a normal cardigan.......

Here you can see the "dolman"-sleeves created by
the special folding of the basic-shawl.


Here the cardigan is turned upside/down!

This is the way I'll normally wear it

Here the Herringbone- and the Pebble-stitches are visible.

My best hand-warmers ever!