I wanted to make a pair of slipper-shoe-sandals, 
with lacey open work on the toe.
After a lot of swatching, I came up with a way to make 
the straps sturdy and tight enough for foot wear,
all on one round.
I'm very happy with the final result!
If you like to make a pair for yourself, HERE is the pattern!

I worked up two pairs quite fast.
The pink ones are cute!

The white pair is more stylish!
I made some pretty insoles for both pairs.

The pink- and white striped fabric with black pattern,
looks real nice in these sandals!
Fresh off the hook. No in- or out-soles yet!

Here I have applied different out-soles on both pairs.
With my sole-treatment, it's no problem with white soles.
But I do admit; I love the natural look of the Espadrilles cord-soles the best!
Like to learn how to make your own Cord-Soles?
Find the pattern HERE!

After all, white shoes does not always look very fancy, but
with the cord-sole, the pink seam, and natural linen (flax)-fabric
for the in-soles, I think maybe these are my favorites!
The white soles visible. Pretty with black seam,
matching the black pattern on the insoles!


Luv2CUSmile said…
These are another absolutely awesome design! I am just visiting your blog but have been watching your patterns at ravelry for some time now. I hoped you had a ravelry group also but no worries. I wouldn't want you to take on another time-eating venture that would pull you from your designing. I am being wordy here but i am so in awe of you and your designs. I have just one pattern currently which was gifted to me from a friend/raveler... i hope to obtain others!
Thx for showing your great talent!
ingunn santini said…
Thanks to you, for your nice words!!!