Reversible Cowl - Shawl - Hood with Pom-Pom Buttons

Last time I was in Norway, I purchased this beautiful, soft and chunky wool. 
4 different colors of Easy/Sandnes Garn, 2 skeins of each.
I didn't know what to do with it, as it was really not enough for anything!
But during this winter I decided to make a cowl/shawl, with possibilities to turn it into a hood with help of some kind of buttoning.
I found it strange that I never saw this solution anywhere on the net. 
So neat to transform a shawl into a hood!
I swatched a LOT, to find a pattern that could be reversible; look nice on both sides. 
With the 4 colors I had, I ended up with a striped pattern, that appears different on the two sides, also becourse of the the special stitches.
I really like it!
Only a petty that I'll never be able to use it here in Italy!
Maybe in the house; it happens real often that it's colder inside than outside!

Pattern in my Ravelry-store for instant download here:

Album here for more transforms and shapes!

It was the Pom-Pom-Buttons that finally made
me able to achieve all the shapes and transforms!

The buttons can be pushed into any gap between the stitches!

The Bubble-buttons can also be pushed to the opposite side,
in order to use the piece on both sides!

This is WARM!