These slippers was born while swatching. I've been obsessed trying to find a way to crochet nice knit-stitches, and this is the result! It do look knitted, don't it? 
The best way to make a nice and flexible crocheted knit-surface, is the slip stitch method. The problem is; it's worked sideways; the sts does not come out vertical, but horizontal, so you need to turn your work to achieve the vertical knit-look. Challenging for most designs!
This is the Split Single Crochet Stitch. Also challenging, becourse it's a bit hard to insert the hook into the middle of the stitch. It's all technique and practice. I'v made a tutorial for the stitch in this slipper-pattern. But I need to say; it works only on the round! Working flat the pattern changes, still nice, but not with the distinct knit-sts as on the round. Well, you can't have it all!

This is the basic clog-slippers without in- and out-soles.
Pattern here!

The slippers with tailored crochet-soles applied, and personalized insoles.
This requires the special patter-tutorial you'll find here:

Detail insoles with personal message from Sophie and Me;
Good Morning. Have a nice Day!