The super-cutest crochet boots ever!
I think!
For you to crochet. Pattern for 2 - 7 year-kids. 
Cool for boys too. Just adapt the colors!
For more photos and info about this crochet pattern,
see my Ravelry-store for instant download here.

These boots are designed for Sophie's winter coat. They came out like this,
and I think they look quite great!
Actually, I thing I'll design them for adults too!
Not for this season though. Next: Summer-shoes!
But first; Sophie's red bird-purse, and my winter head-band
and finger-less mittens for my white winter coat.
Not a lacy day!


Barbara said…
These are awesome! Did you ever convert for an adult pattern?
ingunn santini said…
Thanks Barbara! Yes, there is an adult version!
Look at this link:
Anonymous said…
Hi could you give me the link for this & maybe one if you have it for a new born to 3 month old
ingunn santini said…
Sorry anonymous, these slippers are for kids only! Find the link to the pattern right below the pics!
Crocheting Mom said…
I found this link on pinterest and it says this pattern is free but it really isn't, why is that.