Time to cuddle up, snuggle in and make it cozy in our more or less freezing place on Earth!
I'm the cold-feet kind of person, I'm addicted to socks. I've long wanted to crochet a pair of real chunky and knee-high socks. And I'm soo envious on these super-clever knitters, that make the most beautiful socks with incredible patterns on, and of course in a fine sock yarn, for me that would be a never ending story! So I desired to do it my way. Inspired by my homeland's knitting traditions, I wanted to make "lice" on my crochet socks. Not done before on a dc-crochet garment, as far as I have discovered on my way around the internet. But I found a nice way to do it, and it came out as I wanted.

The pattern was finished tonight, so you can purchase it and start working them right away. Go here for instant download in my  Ravelry store!