For weeks I have worked with figuring out how to transform my on-piece, toe/up crochet slippers, into shoes to wear outside. I mean, walking the streets!
First I had to find out a super easy way to work the crochet soles. I don’t know about you, but I really dislike making crochet soles! That’s why I end up working one-piece slippers. But there is after all more options and advantages with a sole. The soles starting in the middle, working in rounds, are very pretty, but they never seem to come out right, ending up too long, or too wide, or the opposite, or all above! Even as I know the maths for these soles. Baby-booties is one thing, sooner or later they fits. For children and adults it’s different, the soles have to fit!
TRAY SOLES:So I ended up with a forth and back-sole. Very simple maths, and adjustable for any size, yarn, and gauge! And I designed a border-edge to the basic sole, (the tray) to assemble the slippers into! Piece of cake! And there are handmade inner soles involved! Look at this:
With the crochet soles on place, I just had to find a material to prepare them with. Done! My crochet shoes are already in use, walking the streets of Rome! The instruction for all this story, ended up 17 pages long. So I had to split it. 
Part 1: White Lace Espadrilles, the basic slippers, are already listed on Ravelry tonight. Here: 
This was fun, but exhausting! I love the shoes! Part 2 coming up soon! Have a wonderful night!
Best, Sophie and Me


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