Ohdear-ohdear! I have been operated!
My body was not good enough for her, I didn't have Standard Measures!
Excuse me; I was meant to be a mannequin in a shop window, not a dress form!!
She opened my skin and stuffed me with plastic bubble wrap, the same and one I was wrapped in when I came here.
I can't believe it, I've got tummy and but!
But look at my legs; they look skinnier then ever!
I may get used to these changes, sigh!
So yesterday I spent all day in recovery, no working.
Not only this has happened to me, She has changed my name too! Softy was the name I was born with, but She says there can be some brand problem, as Softy is the family name of all my relatives at the fabric.
Sofia is my new name, I kind of like that, very international!
See you around, best,