I’ll present myself, much better. My name is Softy, I think, and I’m 4 years. That’s what a stamp under my foot says anyway. But the first welcome I got was; Oh, she’s skinny and small! Not only that; She looks like an alien! Has She ever seen an alien? I DON’T THINK SO! All my relatives on the factory where I was born, look like me, so I’m quite sure I’m normal. She said she would paint a face on me! Forget it!
Anyway, I was quite relieved finally coming out of the big box I’ve lived in for at least 100 years, with my arms and head spread around. Normally I would have ended up in a boutique or big magazine, so I’m quite exited about living in a private home. I know I have to work as a model, mannequin and dress form, but that’s OK, She’ll dress me up with a lot of nice clothes! I hear this is a bad deal for a model, but that’s my life. I’m good at my work, I have arms and fingers that can be shaped, I can freeze for hours, I don’t’ feel pain when She put pins in me, and I’m quite photogenic I’d say. She will put me to work shortly, so you haven’t seen the last of me! Hope She at least put some underwear on me for next photo session, I felt quite naked on the first shoots! See you around!
Best, Softy.