WORKING ON..................

Here in Italy, at least where we live, it seams like a stabile ADSL-line is not anything to take for granted! For the 3'rd time in a few months we passed days without internet! 
Why don't they change the entire central!
Anyway......the possibility of doing other things turns up when the internet is down!
Going to the beach for instance!
And I'm still working on the pattern for the little white crochet toddler dress........... has some quite difficult flower borders to draw.

.....and I've made some new jewelry, silver wire with black polymer clay and Swarovski Crystals. It looks nice! More is coming up.

I have decided to wait for the fall and the end of all vacations before I place more items for sale in my shops. I suppose the season starts in September/October.
I also have plans for new items; more girl’s dresses, cushion cases and bags, but the ideas need some time to mature before I start to produce.
I think I have to do something about the shop situation too. It's quite confusing at Etsy with all the different item styles. Maybe I need to open a new shop for "fabric items" only.
Well, I wish you all a very nice day! At my spot of the Earth we have 36 C in the shadow, so the brain is working at half speed anyway!