IT WAS ONE OF OUR OWN..................

What happened 22. July, 3:30.

...........a real Norwegian, tall, blond, blue eyes, and 32 years old.
Fanatic Christian and political extremist on the far right front! Hating everything and everyone, from the sitting Government to the foreign- and not least the Islamic world, and our foreign and Islamic fellow citizens. He detonated a huge home made bomb in the political centre of Oslo, took his car, drove 1 hour to the youth summer camp arranged by the labor party, arranged on the same little idyllic isle, as every year. Hundreds of teenagers lived through a nightmare and horror for 1.5 hour. With calm and cold blooded behavior he massacred 85 (found until now, more missing) youngsters one by one.
And not to forget the victims in the prime ministers office building, where until now 7 people are found dead. There are young people in hospitals, hovering between life and death.
Fortunately he is couth! His lawyer tells it was something he had to do! He has planned this for 9 years!
Well, we all know by experience that the world, anywhere, is an unsafe place. But the Norwegians have been spared for this kind of extreme nightmares. Until now!
We all mourns with the families and friends of the victims in Norway..