OK, here vi go!

Today I learned 3 things by an Etsy-blog:

1. Do what you don't feel like doing.
2. Blog and network
3. Teach others

I admit it was a kick! For too long I've avoided what I'm doing right now.
Want to bee inspired too? Check out this link:


I have a lot of stuff I want to share with you!
First of all this must be a marketplace for my Etsy shop and my spot on Ravelry.
 When I find out how to put in gadgets, I'll show you where to go! At the moment I'll give you the old fashion paste-in links:


As you soon will find out, my passion for the moment is crochet.
For more than a year now I've been working with a series of crochet patterns for publication.

Why crochet? I’ll come back to that later.
Any reason you should be tempted to return to my studio?
I’ll give you some of the topics you’re going to find here with time;

Crochet, Knitting, Paper, Fashion, Jewelry, Interior Decorating, Children’s clothing, to mention some of it.

And I have another passion; The history behind all crafts, I mean, from the start of times!
And another passion; Crafts in Art, I mean; artists painting craft situations!
The most interesting period is the 1800’s. I have a lot of beautiful and inspirational things to show you!
I think I may be born in the wrong century!

Reading my profile you’ll understand this blogger is one of the “born to be a crafter” – humans, raised by crafting parents. I think if I had to, I could build a house by myself, outside and inside. Well, maybe with some electrical- and plumbing help!
I love using my skills, trying out new ideas, planning everything down to the smallest details, and work it out to a finished product. I don't give up until I've got it right.
 I’m a very patient person! On all levels! Ask my husband! He will have a little corner of this blog too.

I’d like to have a complete blog right from the start, but with patients and time it will all come out!
My goal is to post something every day, followed by at least 1 photo.

Todays photo; My blue crochet jacket.
See you!