I miss my shadow!

You see........in my front garden there is a wonderful Bougainville! It's big, like a tree, and has a great shadow in summertime. To sit under this tree in the afternoons was so lovely! 

My favorit spot!
  This "winter" we had 2 days with 1 or 2 C below 0, and Bougainville does NOT like that.
Spring came, and no green leaves on most of the tree! Weeks went on........nothing, just some of the branches grew leafs and eventually these beautiful purple flowers, also much later than last year.
It's so sad, this tree is there since the -70's, and I miss my shadow!
What to do?!

This year just a few leafs gives
a poor shadow!


Think - think - think!

How to fix a sun screen without spending a lot of money?

Curtains for mu sun screen project!


Off I went to the local Tuesday market. Found a pair of horrible polyester curtains, made in China, 3 m long each, and 1,5 m wide for only 20 E.



Home I went with my new curtains. 
I had to cut one of them, as it was to much fabric. I sew it together by hand, and strung them up with simple cotton string.

It works;but the fabric could have been wider to give even more shadow.
But anyway, NOTHING is like the real shadow of a tree!! 

The screen seen from the balcony on 1 floor,
from here you also can see how damaged the Bougainville is